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Our sites

Where good taste has a home.

The headquarters of our medium-sized family business have been in Heilsbronn in Franconia since 1906. This region is our home and we are strongly attached to it. In 2021, with over 1,300 employees in our four plants, we achieved production volumes of approximately 31,000 tonnes involving approximately 2,600 HGVs and over 170 million items of packaging and exported them to over 30 countries.

In addition to Heilsbronn, we manufacture high-quality fish and sausage specialities for the national and international market in two other production sites in Germany: in the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg and in Günthersleben in Thuringia.

Headquarters in Heilsbronn

We mainly produce boiled sausages at our headquarters in Heilsbronn. This also includes meatloaves and small sausages. Heilsbronn is also the production site for our range of poultry products, cooked hams and salamis.

Our production hall, which was put into operation in 2007, offers the latest manufacturing methods and ensures that products are made as ordered. All this without any intermediate storage and with the highest standards when it comes to freshness. This ensures that the products reach their destination – the consumer’s table – as quickly as possible.

Nuremberg site

Original Nuremberg grilled sausages are made exclusively in Nuremberg. The “queen of sausages” is still being made based on a recipe that has been passed down since the 15th century. The sausages are made from high-quality pork meat that is specially seasoned with marjoram and stuffed into sheep casings. A real speciality from Nuremberg, just like the Franconian curly sausage, another traditional product from Kupfer.

Günthersleben site

True to Kupfer’s corporate philosophy, traditional production is combined with modern manufacturing technology in Ilmenauer Wurstwaren GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in Thuringia in 1990. Original Thuringian sausages are produced here today following the incorporation of the “Thuringian sausage specialities” of the state-owned enterprise in Ilmenau.

Naturally, this includes Original Thuringian grilled sausages, Original Thuringian red and liver sausage, Original Thuringian meatloaf and other boiled sausages, all manufactured based on original recipes.

Vegan plant in Nuremberg

The founding of Kupfer Innovative Food GmbH in 2019 marked a new chapter in the company’s history. Construction began on the vegan plant in Nuremberg in 2020 to create the optimal conditions for producing high-quality vegan items.

After an intensive period of product development, vegan products that are made in Nuremberg have been coming off the production line since the end of 2022.

Our certifications

Safe and certified quality

Quality is our top priority. This has been officially confirmed many times over. We meet the QA criteria for processing and also the requirements of the International Food Standards (IFS). We regard statutory requirements as minimum standards that we often exceed, both when selecting raw materials and when it comes to production and sales. We have been certified many times by international certificates for food safety, for example.

Our quality and hygiene standards meet the highest international standards. This is confirmed by our internationally recognised certifications and our export permits for many countries in the world.

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