KUPFER organic

Organic? Naturally. KUPFER’s organic products exceed the EC Regulations.
Better by conviction.

Organic products from KUPFER

KUPFER goes bio – better by conviction.

With our products with eleven different organic-quality sausage specialities or our partnership and certification at all sites with Bioland, organic is the logical conclusion for a modern family business such as KUPFER.

We have been producing eleven organic-quality sausage specialities in our sites in Heilsbronn and Nuremberg since 2016. This also includes our “Metzgerfrisch Bio Organic Traditional Wiener”, which impressed die Stiftung Warentest German consumer organisation in the “Classic Vienna sausage” test across the board (test October 2019).

For all of our organic products, we obtain beef, pork and poultry meat from organic farmers in Germany. We are usually in personal contact with them and greatly appreciate their work. All of our sites are also Bioland-certified and their associated abattoirs are also certified organic.

KUPFER partnership with Bioland

We follow the seven Bioland principles

We reached an additional milestone in 2019, when we became a partner with Bioland, the leading association for organic farming in Germany. Under the Bioland stamp, we offer five additional sausage specialities including the Original Nuremberg grilled sausages. The meat for these is obtained from farmers who run their businesses according to the Bioland guidelines that are based on seven principles.

  • Closed cycle management
  • Promote soil fertility
  • Animal welfare
  • Production of valuable foodstuffs
  • Promotion of biological diversity
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Ensure a future worth living for people

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