Family business

Family ties are the foundation of our special KUPFER quality.

A family tradition of quality

“Solid growth needs strong roots.”

Strong roots create stability and above all quality! We don’t make any compromises here. With passion, top-quality raw materials and employees who understand their craft, we guarantee that our customers can enjoy our meat and sausage specialities as well as alternative protein products at a consistent level of quality.

We also have plenty of things planned for the future, always with the firm intention to give our best. We are working to ensure that the Kupfer name keeps its good reputation in the next generation – and also its good taste.

Quality is our top priority

Internationally certified, regionally produced

What defines our food? Its quality! We don’t make any compromises here. With passion, first-class raw materials and employees who understand their craft, we ensure that customers can enjoy our consistently high-quality products whether they are made of meat or alternative sources of protein.

Quality is our top priority. This has been officially confirmed many times over. We meet the QA criteria for processing and the requirements of the International Food Standards (IFS). We regard statutory requirements as minimum standards that we often exceed, both when selecting raw materials and when it comes to production and sales. We have been certified many times by international certificates for food safety, for example.

Our 11 corporate values

Our values are important to us, they represent the foundation of our objectives and responsibility as a company. That’s why we have defined eleven principles that constantly shape our actions. They help us to better navigate our everyday work, strengthen our motivation and stand for everything that Kupfer is and would like to be in the future.

Family business

The Kupfer company has been a successful family business for over 100 years. The management board and employees represent our company just as much as its owner family. Our good name is a source of pride for every single one of us. It stands for responsibility and obligation at the same time.


We observe what’s happening in the market, recognise trends early on and put them into practice as quickly and effectively as possible. We also want to set new trends with our creativity. We are open to trying new things and ask our employees to come up with new ideas. Nothing is as old as yesterday’s success.

Customer requirements

Our customers are the reason why we exist. We always focus on their needs. We deal with all customer requirements quickly and simply. Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle. We respect each and every customer request and aim to fulfil them as quickly as possible. We want to expand on this competitive advantage.

Supply capability

Our customers expect 100% supply capability. We do everything we can to meet this expectation. The higher our supply capability, the clearer our competitive advantage is. Maintaining our supply capability is a key task in all areas. Our company virtuously adheres to deadlines.


Anyone who demands something must also encourage it to happen. That's why our aim is to motivate, qualify and support our employees on a permanent basis. Our employees bring our company to life. We promote the effort, ability, ideas and personal development of each individual. This creates a high level of employee satisfaction, a good working environment and mutual success.


We feel committed to future generations and accept our responsibility for people and nature. With the aim of being a more sustainable company, we use technologies that protect the environment and conserve resources. We ensure the well-being of our employees through our active health and occupational safety management system. We follow the ambitious targets that we have set ourselves and remain committed to them.


Our customers expect consistently high quality. We only supply products that meet this demand. Our aim is that consumers all over the world can enjoy our products and for this to happen, our clearly-defined quality standards have to be followed 100% by all employees.

In this way, we can meet the QA criteria for processing and the requirements of the International Food Standards (IFS).
Regulatory requirements are minimum standards for us and we frequently exceed them, both when it comes to the selection of raw materials and in production and sales. We have been certified many times by international certificates for food safety, for example.


Our quality and hygiene standards meet the highest international requirements. This is confirmed by internationally recognised certifications as well as our export licenses for many countries all over the world. Our high standards for our products obviously apply to all of our sites. That’s why our production sites in Heilsbronn, Nuremberg and Günthersleben have also been officially certified.

Open cooperation

Our success is based on open cooperation. It creates a good working environment and contributes towards everyone’s satisfaction. Comments from our employees are always received positively and carefully examined. A fair and motivated tone is a matter of course.


Reliability creates trust and trustworthiness guarantees a successful future. We always keep our promises. We aim to ensure our company’s trustworthiness to our customers, employees and the public through open and trusting relationships with each other.

Economic efficiency

The principle of economic efficiency applies to all corporate divisions. Only a company that is working efficiently and economically can maintain a competitive edge. Economical use of materials, energy and time is an important prerequisite for our shared success. Unnecessary costs and any kind of waste damage our company.

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