Original Nuremberg grilled sausages

Loved, valued, protected: Original Nuremberg bratwurst sausages are manufactured in our plant in Nuremberg.

Original Nuremberg grilled sausages

Top-quality taste – Original made in Nuremberg.

Original Nuremberg grilled sausages from KUPFER

We naturally manufacture the Original Nuremberg bratwurst sausages in our KUPFER plants in Nuremberg. That’s exactly how it should be: the “queen of sausages” may only be produced as a protected geographical indication (PGI) within the Nuremberg area according to a specific recipe that is specified in the guild records of the Nuremberg Butchers’ Guild: coarsely trimmed pork meat, maximum 35% fat content and the finest marjoram are all essential ingredients in these traditional sausages.

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From Nuremberg to the rest of the world

For all those who love good food, young or old, these hearty Original Nuremberg grilled sausages are essential for any barbecue. They are also ideal as a breakfast sausage.

With the status of protected geographical indication (PGI), these traditional delicacies are in line with other specialities such as Parma ham, champagne and Grana Padano in the top list of European foods. They may only be manufactured in the Nuremberg area according to the specified recipe and bear their own “Original” stamp in addition to the official EU symbol.

Loved, valued, protected

The recipe for Nuremberg bratwurst sausages was established by the Council of the Free City of Nuremberg for the first time in 1313 and has always focussed on using the best quality raw materials.

» Alle sweinen lentpraten sol man in die wurste hacken. Swer si anders
verkoufft, der gibt zwên schilling, als dicke und er daz tut «

Taken from the Charter of the City of Nuremberg, 1302-1315

You can find out more about the delicious history of the Original Nuremberg grilled sausage in Nuremberg’s Bratwurst Museum.

Original Nuremberg grilled sausages

Our Original Nuremberg grilled sausages are pre-cooked and for frying in a pan or grilling.

Ingredients: 95% pork meat, bacon, iodised table salt (table salt, potassium iodate), spices, spice extracts, dextrose, stabilisers: diphosphate; sheep casing.

May contain traces of mustard. Heat through before consumption.

Average nutritional values in g per 100g finished product:

Calorific value (kJ): 1376/(kcal): 333
Fat: 30.0
- of which are saturated fatty acids: 11.0
Carbohydrates: 1.0
- of which are sugars: 1.0
Protein: 14.2
Salt: 1.80

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