of alternative proteins

Demand for protein is changing. We are actively helping to change this process.

Innovation meets production expertise.

Our production for alternative protein products.
Discover your various options with KUPFER.

New generation – new food! On the one hand, people are starting to eat less meat. On the other hand, the global population is constantly growing and our future protein requirements cannot be covered by meat alone. We need alternatives.

We are your production partner for forward-looking alternative protein sources – with our experience, our network and versatile options for your ideas.

Our services for the production of alternative protein products

Benefit from our experience and our extensive network.

  • Customer-focussed product development
  • Individual packaging design
  • Production based on quality standards and recipes
  • Shared development of new projects according to customer specifications
  • Strategy and design

How do we work together?

Production of your private label

Production on a project basis

Your benefits with KUPFER Production of alternative proteins

Benefit from our experience and our network in the field of alternative proteins.

  • Vegan production plants
  • No investment costs for expensive facilities
  • Certified quality assurance
  • Experienced staff
  • High level of supply security
  • High degree of process expertise
  • Internal product development and willingness to innovate
  • One central contact person for your products

Your KUPFER contact

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