Alternative proteins

New generation – Innovative Food! On the one hand, people are starting to eat less meat. On the other hand, the global population is constantly growing and our future protein requirements cannot be covered by meat alone. We need alternatives.

KUPFER Innovative Food

Enjoy innovative and alternative proteins

The world’s population is constantly growing and our planet is now home to eight billion people. One of the major challenges of our time is ensuring the safety of our food supply. We at Kupfer are contributing to this and are convinced that alternative sources of protein will play a key role in this. That’s why we founded Kupfer Innovative Food GmbH which develops and sells innovative products. With the Bugfoundation, our range now also includes trendy burger patties made from insects.

Here you can see a selection from our basic range. If you would like us to produce your products, we will of course discuss all aspects of your requirements, whether that’s in terms of ingredients, packaging or weight. Talk to us.

Range of alternative proteins

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