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We are your versatile production and innovation partner for sustainable, high-quality taste.

The meat, sausage and poultry specialities from KUPFER are traditionally special because they are prepared with true passion by people who understand their craft and are committed to providing consumers with top-class quality. That’s why the products from KUPFER are equally popular in retail stores and among consumers and make your mouth water.

Of course, we are keeping an eye on the future by developing alternative protein products for sustainable and innovative ideas. We support both large brands and small creative companies with our wide range of services for high-quality food. When experience meets innovation and tastes great as well, then it’s probably KUPFER on your plate. Enjoy!

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Excellent from our experience, innovative from our passion.
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Traditional grilled sausages, vegan products and insect-based burgers? They go together better than you might think.

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